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Trinity Life Care

Caring for you and your loved ones

We provide home-based “lifestyle support services” for the local community. We specialise in helping the elderly, infirm, disabled and those with learning difficulties in Horsham and the surrounding area. Anchored on our strong values, our goal is to encourage our clients to live life to the full, and help make progress with short-term and long-term goals.

We want to ensure dignity, support independence, provide home-help and companionship, show respect and understanding, with kindness and patience, ensuring inspiration is given to our clients every minute of every interaction with our team. Whether you have firm ideas of what you want and how it should be done, or want us to make helpful suggestions, we are ready to work with you in the way that suits you.

We also care for our carers, pay fairly including travel expenses, and invest in training. Only by caring for our team do we believe they can bring the level of care and grace we want to give to our clients.